Injury Prevention

Hello!Before I had injury in the left adductor and in the achilles (tendinitis).Now i want to strengthen these parts of body.Will I be able to avoid future contusions in these areas by using this way?If i strengthen it?
Excuse me for bad english!

You need to determine if “strength” is the root cause of the injury. Maybe you have dysfunction at the foot (a guess stemming from the achilles issue) I bet the achilles and the adductor issues are related. If the foot is an issue you can check out the most recent article here to strengthen and fix your foot

So do you have flat feet? Do you walk on the outside./inside of your foot? Does your foot point straight ahead or outwards? Etc…

Fill me in and we can go from there


Yes,I have flat feet,but little.
I examined this site,but i cant understand the exercises,and i cant find it in youtube.
And one question-Shuold I make dynamic stretching,ankle mobility ( - YouTube )
hip mobility ( Hip Mobility and Flexibility For Athletes Part II - YouTube ) and core exercises ( different variants of planks).
From March to half ot May I have matches every saturday and i think to make mobility training and core exercises every night,no squats,deadlifts,good morning,lunges (Summer i will make it 2 months for strength)
What do you think ?