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Injury Prevention Tips (Chronic and Acute)?

Hi everybody, I decided to sign up to this site to ask a question, I hope I am doing this in the right subforum. What are your tips to prevent injury? Things like: perfect form, slow controlled eccentrics, stuff like that, tips in general. Ive been lifting for about 2 years, but I havent had much success due to injuries, Ive broke my foot, my wrist is damaged and my hip and ankle were bothering me for a long time. I havent sustained these injuries during training but just in my regular life (Im pretty active and impulsive), but I just dont want to risk any more injuries in or outside the weightroom ,thats why Ive gone here for your advice. Oh yeah, and also, merry christmas.

Man I think you got the basics of injury prevention. One thing people don’t talk about, and they should is poor posture. In and out the gym. All these people sitting slumped over and looking down at their phones and future spine patients. Injuries are often from cumulative low load stress over time that weakens the tissue and allows that one catastrophic failure the happen (particularly in for the spine).

Programming probably… I know it’s pretty broad lol but my program guy says that you can get injured if you do too much like volume and stuff.

Thank you for your answer, I straigtened up as I read the word posture :smiley:

Thanks. Do you feel like after exercise execution is covered, programming is the biggest aspect in injury prevention because there are so many variables that can be manipulated and therefore there is a lot of room for error or are you thinking overstressing the CNS with too much volume/intensity is the biggest factor?

Hmm I can’t really put one above the other in importance I think. Like even if you have perfect technique but do all the volume you’ll get get injured though if you have bad technique it takes a lot less to get injured.

I dunno about CNS stress but training is stress like on your body and structures. You stress your body like muscles, then you recover and adapt to get bigger and stronger.

If your program is inappropriate you could end up doing too much so that’s too much stress and/or you could under recover so you get more risk of injury

Sleep- Get enough
Stress- Difficult I know, but the more stressed your are the more likely you’re to get injured
Eccentric strength- Use tempos such as RDL 3x8 Tempo 3:0:1. Three second eccentric, no pause, one second concentric
Hips- Neutral pelvis, glutes switched on
Glutes- Make em strong
Unilateral work- Stop doing everything bilateral
Shoulder Stability- Don’t neglect mid and lower traps