Injury, Pre-hab and Rehab

This may not be a successful ide but its certainly worth a cheaky punt.

In this forum we have stickies for lifting equipment, but how about one of the most important issues. Sh*t, maybe the most important issue.

Weather your lifting to look better, perform better on the field or simply to help relax. We all want to lift for a long time. This can be limited by injuries, we all get them. Its the nature of the beast so to speak.

So why not have a sticky with peoples own experience of injuries, how they over come them and how they intend on preventing them happen again?

There is alot of posts on the search function with lots of little bits of info. Why not have it all in one place?

So how about this:

How it happened and contributing factors:
How you intend to prevent a re-occurance:
Advice on the injury for others:

All the best