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Injury or Just a Strain?

My college roommate’s left bicep apparantly hurts like hell, and is stopping him from being able to lift. Ironically, there was an article recently stating that you need your bicep to do bench (though it’s not the “main” muscle used). What’s wierd is it hurt last week, but only on monday, our chest day. None of the other days (back, shoulders, legs, even bi/tri day) hurt. We’ll see tomorrow how it feels, but I’m betting on it still hurting.

Any ideas as to what it is? And, more importantly, how to make it stop? There’s no bruising/discoloration, so a tear is unlikely. I was told recently that deadlift with opposite grips can result in one lat being bigger than the other (which I gotta admit, I’ve noticed before being told that) and the arm with the grip facing away from you being at risk of tearing the bicep. We use opposite grips for deadlifts, because I read a T-Nation article about getting more strength out of it.

I think if it was torn, there’d be a bad bruise. It’s probably just a strain. Tell him to ice it 2-3 times/day and take Advil for a few days. If it doesn’t clear up, then he should see the doc.

it hurt again yesterday. I made the joke that it might just hurt on chest days, to ruin his progress on bench press. :stuck_out_tongue: we’ll see how it feels today.