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Injury On CT's Destroying Fat

I’ve done this program before and it is great. I started it again last week so this is my second week on it. Unfortunately, over the weekend I hurt something in my shoulder playing football.

Yesterday, it felt better so I went ahead and did the Heavy Chest/Back Day. It hurt a little when I trained but I was fine. Then when I go to run sprints, I did not stretch enough and pulled my hamstring. It is still sore today but I can move around fine enough.

I am going to skip my 1st Lactate workout this week (which would’ve been today) and try to do Heavy Legs on Thursday then the 2nd Lactate on Friday. Do you guys think I am pushing it too hard and should wait a little longer to let my hammy and shoulder heal? If so, is there anything else I could do that won’t aggravate them? Thanks.