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Injury of the Biceps

   About 2 1/2 years ago I tore my bicep fiber in my left arm doing straight arm barbell pullovers and have been battling it ever since. Right after the injury I rested it for 4 weeks, which I was told to do by the first sports medicine doctor I went to.  After the 4 weeks I was able to lift again, but not able to do anything using a wide grip.

Just about 3 months ago I aggravated it again and was told just to rest it for 4 weeks, but I wanted to try to heal it fully or at least more so than it was. So I went to another sports medicine doctor and received ultrasound hoping to break up the scar tissue, however that did absolutely nothing and my arm is worst than it ever was. Recently I have been using the cryocup which has been allowing to me continue working out and have been doing wide grip pull-ups using a tremendous amount of assistant hoping to make some improvement.

   I would love any suggestions on how I can get fully back in the game and not have to worry about being put out of the gym for any more time.


I'd suggest finding a good soft-tissue therapist. This will be a lot more refined than ultrasound or an ice cup (although keep using the cryocup since it's working).