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Injury last night

Well it was bound to happen. I was doing front squats, 3rd set, 155lbs, 2nd rep, coming up, felt tremendous pain right in my upper back, near my shoulder blade. Finally got it racked, and it was hurting pretty bad, only got worse as night went on. I had to leave gym, couldn’t really do anything w/o it killing. I must have torn something, as it’s very very sore and any movement almost causes pretty bad pain.

Hopefully a week of rest will let it heal by itself.

You must be pretty stupid if you knew it was bound to happen and did nothing to prevent it.

You didn’t tear anything. If you didn’t feel or hear the muscle ripping then no. Probably a strain of some sort.

Plus, I’m not sure how you could tear your shoulder/back doing front squats.

Try and ice the injured area,hot/cold treatment see if that helps.

Yup, there’s diesel with the usual encouraging words.

diesel dumbass strikes again!!

Diesel, how do I make good gains? I’m doing wrong and rather than making a stupid decision, I wouldn’t mind your expertise to save me from my lack of intelligence.

Do you think I should start squatting?

TY Diesel. By “bound to happen” I simply implied that I have been training off and on for about 4 years w/o any type of injuries, so I assumed sooner or later, something would happen. Even with proper form you can’t prevent everything. And yes I had a heating pad on it last night, and it’s a bit better now, than it was this morning. Still can’t really turn my head w/o it hurting. I give it a few more days before it’s subsided enough to lift again.

just give it a few days of heat pad and you’ll be fine.

Don’t mind Diesel, he’s the village idiot.

“Right in my upper back, near my shoulder blade” = most likely the rhomboids, which will fatigue quickly during sets of heavy front squats. How many reps did your previous sets consist of? How long are your warm-ups?

It sounds like the very thing I have at the momment. My lower traps are very weak compared to my upper traps. This causes my shoulder blades to pull in the wrong direction placing a lot of stress on the rhomboids. It’s not very pleasant.

Sorry, you’re going to need more than a few days off. I’d say a few weeks of complete rest; there are not many basic lifts that wont make it worse. do lots of massage therapy, physio, and high rep rehab work: pulldowns, rear delt raise, rows, Scapular Wall Slides and a few more.

Also, when you start training your lower traps specifically ( which you really should do! ) you have to understand that just because you’re doing a low trap exercise does NOT mean you are using your low traps. The upper traps will take over the lower traps job when the going gets tough. This is something you’re going to have to learn to feel. When you do a low trap exercise and you feel your upper traps coming on, stop.

Good luck !