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Injury Knocked Me Out for 8 Months

Ok heres the deal. I had been lifting for around 3 years until 8 months ago when i was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5 S1. Because of this I haven’t touched a weight for around 8 months, i have been swimming laps and biking.

I got an epidural shot 2 months ago which really helped and I feel like i can start with some upper body workouts but i really need help with a workout program because before i got injured i did total body training, and now I’m not supposed to do squats and probably not deadlifts. The doctor said core exercises are essential to keeping my back healthy, does anyone know some good ones?

Ok heres heres my stats I am 17 years old, 175 lb, 6’0"

Max Bench: 195lb
Max pullups: 14

-All i have been doing for the past 2 weeks of lifting are pullups, benchpress, rows, and dips.

My diet is very clean, I dont drink any soda, i dont eat any chips. I try to drink atleast one Metabolic Drive protein shake every night. The most common things i eat are chicken, yogurt, barley cereal, fruit, vegetables, and peanut-butter sandwiches.



r these recent pics?
u look ok for someone who hasnt touched a weight in 8 months

i dont know why doctors tell people with herniated disks to go swimming. i would think that it would only exacerbate things.

I went through the exact same thing, at more or less the same time in my life. I herniated the same disk about 6 months ago.

What helped me the most was physical therapy, after about a month and a half of rehab, I was back to front squats, and now a few months later I’ve made some decent strength gains on my back squat and deadlift.

If you haven’t already, look into physical therapy, you need to work with someone who can help you build muscle to help stabilize the disk and get you pain free or as close to it as possible.

Yes i took these pictures the day before i posted them.

Jga what excerices would be good for me to do now? I am gong to start physical therapy soon. Could i do benchpress, pushpress, curls, pullups, dips, etc?

It all depends upon how you feel. If you can bench and push press without pain, go for it.

I wouldn’t try to set PRs anytime soon, and make sure to really focus on the physical therapy.

Good luck

Check out this article from Mike Robertson about core work (and relationship to herniated discs), there are also a couple of links in there to 2 of his core training articles.

Start light and get back to iot. simple things like like suit case walks and OH carries will hit the core alot, as soon as your cleared get back to squatting etc, those muscles will help you stay injury free just play it pretty safe walk that fine line between to much and to little, MANY people come back from this stuff stronger then prior make it your passion to do so.

You can do it if you set your mind to it.

suit case caries, lunges, OH squats, and OH holds, pressing OH, Reverse hyper, back extensions, stuff thats doesnt casuse pain and make slow SLOW steady progress in everything including upper body do any and every exercise you can out of a seat on your feet.

Injuries are nothing but fuel for the fire

The following is an article I wrote afew months back

Give Me Weakness and Injury, or Give Me Death

Injury, weakness, a physical or mental short comings have been on my mind of late with various nagging small injuries that are pissing me off. Personally it?s the little nagging things that get to me and are the hardest to handle.

Small lil injuries or colds that don?t debilitate you, but just hamper you. Keep you from being able to train 100% or feel right. Make me piss and moan or stress more then I should about some little thing.

On the other end, give me something catastrophic, a blown bicep, a truck running me over, a major illness and its nothing. There is no questioning or harping over them, its just GO time. Its time to get it done and prove this ain?t getting me down, I’ll come out the other end not only as strong but stronger then prior.

This just got me thinking on this subject as it relates to the population as a whole. How people of today deal with personal weakness, stressors, injuries, and life happenings big and small.

Most people see such as simply a negative. They try and hide them from others, and from themselves. They stress over them. Let them get in their heads and limit them from progression, or trying new things.

Even worse they may cry and moan to others about it. Blaming anyone but themselves. Seeking pity to seemingly make them feel better or give them an excuse to be in the position they are, prove to them selves they are weak. I say in my worst Shakespearian dialect.

Hide not from thine infirmity. Find delectation in your feeble idiosyncrasy?s. Employ thine as kindling for extraneous furtherance. Duel. Combat each torpid archetype. Perpetually crafting quintessence from wretched frailty. Only with such will thine be in nigher dominion of impeccability.

HA LOL, you got to love a thesaurus ; )

What I am saying again is, do the opposite. The greatest progress in my training, and life in general, has come consistently from something negative. A horrible happening, an injury, or identifying a weakness. I then grasp hold of it, control it, Make it mines. I don?t dwell on it (long) as something I must accept, as something that controls me.

I Attack it. I control it. View it as my next hurdle. My next personal battle that stands between me and my goals. Use it as fuel for the fire. Turn a negative situation into a position of power.

It?s a constant battle, but an empowering one.

Allow yourself to own you.

If anything is the number one reason for the weakness of the general population today its simply not having the gumption, or balls, to realize you control you. It?s OK to smack life in its collective face from time to time. It?s OK to have opinions. Its OK to show a little aggression from time to time. We are NOT meant to be pawns and live life 100% by others wishes. Get a little selfish. Play a little rough. Its not only OK it?s a positive trait.

It has come to the point people can’t handle even the smallest little bump in the road without having a break down, expecting pity, help, or flat out giving up.

When you got a problem, 99% chance you created it with your actions or inactions, so get the hell up and fix it. Don?t bow down and be its bitch expecting pity or help from society for every little thing. Don?t simply accept the fact that, ?This is the way it is, what I?m destined to be. The mans getting me down. I just got dealt bad cards and have to live with it.? Bullshit, you?re the man. Take some responsibility for your life and your actions and go get what you want.

Use life?s little bumps as fuel for further progression. Realize the grass is always greener. We all got problems. Deal with yours. If one has no perceived weakness they have then apparently reached a state of perfection, no further progression, stagnation. You might as well die you have nothing further to live for. Weakness, injury and Failure is NOT a negative, or an ending.

It?s a new beginning. A chance to get stronger, A new and unique challenge. Its those whom consistently take on these, as such, and don?t back down, give up, or piss and moan, about the hurdles life throws at them that progress on to excellence.

You’ve got to keep rolling over those never ending hurdles. Man up and find joy in the fact aren?t going to end to the fight. Life?s never going to be all crème filling.

Your going to have to keep chomping through the crust keep that sweet goodness coming. But if you man up, those bumps will not only be less frequent but you?ll actually look forward to hike up them, as well as what?s on the other side.

Howd you herniate your disc?