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Injury - Hip


okay... I?ve had pain at my "front hip" for about 3 months now when I strech out the leg, I cant run , even if I?ve tried to force my self. evrything started with some weeks of alot of running and some clumsy things that hurted my hip, didnt have any problem untill in a soccer match, my legs just gave up to run, I coud barely lift the legs of the pain when I sat at the bench.

Why am I typeing this here instead of going to a doctor ? because the wait lines is very huge and I want to know what coud?ve hapend.

I?ve tried to rest but it just doesnt seem to get any better..

Any id?s?


sounds like a hip flexor strain/tear...go to the doctor, good luck.


is there something I can do to make it better while waiting for the doctor?


Standard advice if its a strain would be r.i.c.e., rest ice compression and elevation.

If not the whole package, go for just the ice.

About strains:

Grade 1, very mild:
Low-grade inflamation
mild discomfort in use
no loss of rom

Grade 2:
definite inflamation and edema
severe discomfort
loss in rom and strength

I wont go into grade 3, you'd know if you had it. Sounds more like somewhere between 1 and 2. IF its a strain, which it might not be. Don't expect an accurate diagnosis on-line.

But just in case it is a strain it can't hurt to take some steps. Ice is good. So is gentle massage. On-site if its grade 1, but if its grade2 then massaging the area around the sprain is okey.

When its been a few days you can massage more vigorously, but not on the site of injury. Gentle strokes on site is okey after a few days.

But most of all, be careful and see your doc.


thanks alot for the reply, very constructive. I think I have rank 2, I cant run , woud that mean lose in strenght ?


How strong are your psoas muscles? If the other hip flexors are working overtime because of a weak psoas, your going to continually reinjure it.


I had a very similar injury about a month ago. It still hurts a little it almost feels like the muscle slips or moves off the bone. I am doing Muay Thai it becomes a slight problem when kicking blocking. I found out couple excercises that lessen the pain and has helped my recovery its been 1 1/2 months. My hip flexor is much better now.

On a heavy bag try to do exaturated skip knee into the bottom of the bag, also helps to 30-45% knees and side knees 90% angle from your body. (All of them are exaturated skip/run) Its also a killer cardio workout. (I sometimes bunny hop as well for dynamic stretch)

Squats are very important as well as lunges and leg raises and scissors. Also good oblique ab condition will help out a lot.


thanks for even more tips guys, It?s getting better. I got some "anti inflamatory" pills, we called the doctor and he told mee to eat those while waiting, he?s gonna have a check abit later. it?s both hips that is injured, the right is worse tho.

and the "psoas" muscles, I dont know what that is .D . I hardly know the muscle names in swedish, lol.

when I start again, shoud I take it easy or just go ? in 3 weeks I have a important soccer cup, and since I?ve been away for some serious time I need to bring up my endurance quite abit, even tho I hardly lost any.

Thanks evryone. <3