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Injury Help

I have pain in my right buttocks, It could be a number of things so I might go into a doctor.

I was deadlifting and squatting twice weekly. I was hitting the gym real hard and making great progress. I think I injured myself on a deadlift. I didn’t know I did anything until the next day I tried to squat and I noticed the ‘pain’ I took a few days off and eased off the deadlifts and squats. I still perform them but with lower weight. I can deadlift well but after a set when I stand up I feel the injury the most. It’s sore and a bit tight I guess. I am recovering slowly… my questions are

Do I stop training all together?

What should I do for rehab? Stretching, foam rolling?

Are there any ways to know what I did without going to a doctor?

The usual advice is to take a couple of weeks off from whatever it is thats causing you pain.

Yes to the stretching and foam rolling. You also midght try otc anti inflametories, and fish oil, flax seed oil and glucosimine.
And perhaps some massage.

If the pain persists after this typically the suggestion is to go to a professional and let them diagnose.

You will probably not know what happend without the aid of a professional.
Good luck

Look up Piriformis Syndrome. You might have that. It can get pretty bad.

Is it painful just in your butt or does it shoot down your leg?

Zedhead has good overall recommendations.


Smart thing to do? Go see a professional.

What I would do? Take the above advice and continue to train avoiding all movements that cause pain to reccur.

I trust that my body can heal itself with time.