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Injury Help (Groin Strain?)

Hi, appreciation for any help in advance.

I have an injury that has not gone away in 2 months. It is Kind of an ab strain (feels tight when i stretch all the way up) and kind of a groin strain (it only hurts when i adduct my leg standing and dragging the foot against the ground, and only in the Range of motion closer to the centerline) It also hurts when i drag it against the ground (leg straight again) in a roller blading t-stop kind of position.

I can squat ok, but the exercise that hurts is a HIGH box step up (mid thigh). I have been training around it with high box sq, and pulls.

The pain is only on one side (right) and exactly next to the ahem… pee pee. Any suggestions or experiences?

Jonathan Wong

I’ve been having similar problems, too, only mine are next to my dick. After reading some stuff, I think the problem is lack of flexibility in the hip flexors, which is causing my tensor fasciae latae to overcompensate.

This causes a lot of pain when I squat, so obviously this will cannot be ignored. I’m gonna do periodic stretching of said muscles throughout the day and see how it feels over the next couple weeks. Of course, this is just a comparison and in no way a diagnosis, so if you have no idea what it is, I’d see a physical therapist or something.

Rest it. Seriously, that sound similar to what I did last year. I tried to much to soon and it lingered for months.