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Injury, Form, & Weight Gain Questions

Weight from 132 pounds 22/6/09 to 151 pounds 29/8/09
165 cm tall

my protocol has been
alpha gpc - 60min
dextrose monohydrate + 3g of creatine -15min
whey protein + 3g of creatine +15min
high protein meal + 60

  • protein + creatine shake on off days

bench 3x10 (from 66 pounds to 110 pounds)
squat 3x10 (from 66 pounds to 100 pounds)
bent over row 3x10 (from 22 pounds to 55 pounds)

I’ve been getting arch pain in my right foot and mild pain in my left foot
I’ve been either wearing Asics $200 shoes with special inner soles, or converse all stars

and mild right knee pain

hence ive stopped squatting and rowing as i’m on my feet and instead doing back with chin ups


I was benching with incorrect form with my butt coming the bench and have fixed it with the dave tate benching form… is this a serious issue, im fairly worried


i did 100 crunches/bicycle kicks/kness into chest/and kicking legs up for abs for 3 days
i since stopped due to slight neck/lower back pain

Question 1. Is this pain due to my excessive weight gain? Should I abstain from creatine and other weight gaining shit?

Question 2. Is my mild knee pain from poor squatting form ? or is it just my joints getting stronger? note that i have not been squatting for a while (10 days) and yet the pain has only come in the last 3 days)

Question 3. Is it normal to get slight neck and back pain for abs work due to you not used to it? Is it just part of normal training ?

How did you measure the 66 lb bench? Most olympic bars are about 45, so even with two dimes on each side, it’d be 65lbs total.

  1. The pain in your feet, neck, and lower back is most likely not related to your weight gain. However, I AM NOT A DOCTOR and would advise you to see a doctor if the symptoms increase or occur for an extended period of time.

My guess is that your foot and knee pain are related to the shoes you wear or your special inner soles, and that you might want to see a podiatrist about that.

My guess is that your neck pain comes from grabbing the back of your neck and jerking it forward to cheat on your crunches/bicycle-kicks/knees-into-chest/leg-kicks, and that your lower back pain comes from your abdominal muscles reaching muscle failure and you continuing to do the exercises with an arched back, forcing the hip-flexors to do most of the work in such a way that it jerks your spine in uncomfortable and potentially damaging ways. Creatine is REALLY far down the list.

  1. Pain is not usually a symptom of joints getting stronger. If it has only come about during a period you weren’t squatting in, maybe it is completely unrelated to your squatting. Are you involved in other sports? Did you fall or something?

  2. See answer #1. Your abs will fail before your hip-flexors do. Your hip-flexors attach to your spine. So when your abs fail your hip-flexors pull on your spine, which can lead to lower back pain. And damage. To deal with this, train your abs until the point of failure and stop. You probably want to push through it and go beyond failure. Don’t. It won’t get you a six pack, and it can damage you.

If your ass came off the bench while you were benching in a meet, your lift would be disqualified. For regular lifting, lifting your ass off the bench turns it more into a decline Bench Press, where you are biomechanically stronger, thus allowing you to lift more, longer.

So it’s less of a danger than your arms flaring out or you forgetting to get a breath of air before you start. In fact, I wouldn’t worry about it hurting, I would just stop, because it’s cheating on your form.

30kgs = 66lbs (roughly)

fuck knows for the rest

[quote]JAMESROSE666 wrote:
30kgs = 66lbs (roughly)

fuck knows for the rest


Okay, so a 20kg bar with two 5kg plates. That makes sense.

yeah, sorry if that wasnt clear but 66lbs = 20kg bar + 2x5kg plates

i’m going to book an appointment with a podiatrist as this foot issue has been lingering for a good 1 month n a bit :frowning:

i think benching tight tucked, squats and bent over rowing are actually bad for my feet?
i’m just worried a podiatrist is going to say stop doing weights completely…

i also go to uni in chuck all stars… (with innersole) but i just started getting pain as soon as i started weights… so its weird that it could be my shoes… or is weights making my ‘weak area’s’ more obvious.

in anyones experience with discomforting arch foot injuries… is it generally a long term issue or a simple quick fix?

i actually rub a tennis ball under my foot to relieve ‘pain’ somehow… normal?

I’m surprised your weight has shot up so much but left your strength behind… I’m much stronger than you and I weigh a hell of a lot less. Anyway. I used to get neck pain from ab work. I stopped doing the crunches and sit-ups and implemented leg raises and other movements. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that pain in the neck etc etc can stem from the sole of the foot.

There are lots of protocols on here for foam rolling etc. They do use tennis balls also.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific… I can’t really remember the article name.

since i started 2 months ago, my weight went up 10kg and my strength almost doubled…?

is that you in your dp?

Also i have a serious question

Muscle Imbalances

are there a set of guidelines that are generally accepted eg. being able to calf raise the same amount of weight for your squat as a good calf /quad etc muscle balance?

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