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Injury Flare Ups and Sickness. Drop the Weights when Returning?

Hey guys, I’ve had a bit of a crap week or so. Upper back has been tight on dead lifts, forearm played up and have also been sick ( kids!! ). I’ve been doing 5/3/1 since the start of the year mostly for a knee rehab ( final stage ) and been going well ( noob lifter before that really ). Hopefully this week coming I’ll be back into it and I was wondering if I should drop the weight a little when I get back, or just pick up where I left off?

I tried to dead heavy while sick but ended up feeling worse the next few days and tightened my upper back so have left it for this week.



I would go back at least 1-2 cycles . Sounds and feels harsh , but it’s better then spinning your wheels and stalling.

Thanks mate, my gut feeling was to do that. I’m in no hurry, as long as I’m getting stronger I’m happy. So far so good.

Sounds like you are ignoring your recovery: diet, sleep, programming correctly (long term) and active recovery. One must address these issues.

Thanks jim. Diet and active recovery has been hit and miss for a good month now actually. Winter here now and I’m not riding or surfing as much.

Forearm/elbow has been a constant issue though have been getting treatment

Much thanks for the 5/3/1 program too jim, I fumbled around in the gym without much purpose but this is easy to follow and just works so well.

Let the program do its job! Training is NOT supposed to ruin you; it’s supposed to enhance your life. When things are tough, dial back the training but don’t sabotage it.

Back to it this morning. Went back 2 cycles weight wise, thought I’d breeze it. Got through it ok but still not 100% ( flu ). Managed a few extra reps on the + set so not too bad.

Upper back felt fine, no tightness so pretty happy.