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Injury During Cycle: Need Advice


Hi everybody
I planned and started a cycle as following:

week 1-2: 75 mg dermatrest ed
weeks 3 -6: 75 mg dermatrest + 75 mg dermatren ed
week 7-8 75 mg dermatrest + 75 mg dermatren ed + sustanon 300 1 ml twice/week
weeks 9-15 75 mg dermatren + sustanon 300 1 ml twice/week

everything was going perfectly till week 8 (last week) when shit happened.

I badly injured my knee (i broke my patellar tendon).
2 days ago i had surgery and I hope I will be able to come back in the gym next week, obviously i won’t be able to stand up, so only exercises with machines and not a lot of weight will be possible (bearing the pain)

during next weeks i will take
sodic enoxaparin

Now my questions:

  1. do you think I should finish my cycle as planned (week 9 is lost, let’s say) or should i go directly to pct ?

  2. do you think the injury could be linked to substances used?

  3. the vial i started still has 7 ml of sustanon, how long could it last ?


Id cruise through your initial recovery period. Maybe 250 or 300 per week. Or PCT, but low dose anabolics (200-300 of test plus a little var or HGH if you can get it) can really help your recovery period. Overall, I would drop the cycle dosages and drop the tren for now (save it). You don’t want to deal with a post cycle crash during your recovery period so a cruise dose for a while can really help. If you don’t wanna cruise then PCT is probably better than continuing cycle.


I’d just come off and accept that there’ll be muscle loss while you’re rehabbing. It’s just one of those things.

Your vial will stay good indefinitely so don’t worry about that


I’m sorry.
I was able to read your answer now…
And i didi the opposite.
I stopped test and went on with tren
should i end it?
other advices?