Injury Down My Leg

Hey guys, hoping to get some guidance here. So Sunday I was doing my regular deadlifts, working to a max triple, couldn’t even get there as on one of my warm up sets my lower back hurt like hell. I rarely have ever hurt this. I dropped the weight, my lower back tightened up bad. I rested 15 minutes, it felt much better, so I finished my workout with really no pain or weakness (Bulgarian split squats, cable pull throughs, and some light abdominal work).

When I got back to my apartment, my back was all tightened up again badly. I got a deep tissue massage, my glutes, hamstrings, IT band, etc. were all tight. I had her focus on these areas, and she really loosened them up nicely.

Later, my lower back felt tight and painful again but leg felt fine, I had to take vicodin to get to sleep. Going to work the next day, my right ass cheek hurt as I was walking. The next day, my right ass cheek felt fine walking, but the pain was more through my hamstring, right side of knee, and calf, and that is where the issue has been.

There is no tingling, no pins and needles, no shooting pain, and the worst of the pain seems to be when first waking up and then after walking all day late at night. Again, my lower back actually feels totally fine. What the hell is going on here?

Read up on sciatica and see if you think it fits your symptoms.

I think the bad back pain you had was a muscle spasm secondary to an actual injury or irritation. They can be very painful and often occur because the body is trying to protect it’s self after an injury to any kind of soft tissue in the region e.g. muscle, ligament etc.

The underlying cause of the muscle spasm e.g. you injured yourself or irritated something is probably still present tho compared to the pain of a muscle spasm any symptoms such as a dull ache may be passed off as nothing.

I would not recommend the “don’t see a health professional and play a guessing game online” approach tbh

Umm… are you prescribed this shit for something cos I’m pretty sure that falls under the has “a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence” category well according to that series “House” from while back. Chronic pain and drug dependency doesn’t sound very nice.

Go get checked out by a chiropractor that is experienced with weightlifting populations/ heavy sports/football etc preferably ART qualified also. Most likely need a disc in lower back clunked back in place