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Injury, Can I Squat Again?

i recently got a meniscus tear in right knee during a game of football.
it healed for the most part, and its been about half a year.
but i still cant squat past 90 without it hurting.
anyone know what i can do to make it better?
i’ve heard of people being able to overcome it and still squat but how did they do it?

I guess I would ask your doctor that question.

I can give you my experience, but my injury might have been different. I tore the meniscus and partially tore the cruciae ligament in my right knee. Eventually had to have it 'scoped to remove most of the meniscus since it was so shredded it was useless and caused excrutiating pain when it moved around. After the surgery I put the lightest weight on the leg extension and leg curl machines and did hundreds of reps, gradually increasing the weight. I also did, and continue to do, a lot of stretching. It took the better part of 10 years to get to where I could change directions while running (like playing tennis or basketball) confidently and squat heavy. If your doctor says there is nothing preventing it, then it just takes 10 years of patience and hard work. Life is a marathon not a sprint.

holy crap, thats insane, 10 years?
thanks for the advice

samething happened to me, turned out i needed another surgery it was done wrong!
looking back, seek out something to break apart the IT band, and use acupuncture and myfascial release and ART
it will heal the scar tissue

thanks that helps alot
how was ur surgery done wrong?

They probably didn’t scope out enough.

What happens with a lot of these tears is that the part that’s torn irritates other muscles when it rubs, this causes inflammation and pain.

If you don’t get it right, the cycle will continue.