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Injury Break, And What To Do?

Hey all,

It appears as though i’m on the disabled list for about 1 month. I injured my subscap around my left pec area about a year ago, and have never seen significant healing of the area. Have tried training around it, working only legs while it heals, ART, everything. It just seems to be stubborn. In lue of this, i have opted for a 1 month ceasation of lifting at all to all healing. Do you think this would be beneficial? What should I do in the meantime? I had thought about just light cardio 3-4 times a week to keep bf% down. Would this be ok? Anyone have any advice on how long something like this would usually take to heal under these circumstances? Thanx!


If I were you I would seek a professional opinion. No one here will be able to give you a proper diagnosis, and given that you were lifting for a full year when you probably shouldn’t have been you may have some other complications that won’t “fix themselves”.

Provided that you get the OK from a professional to do anything while you are on leave from the gym, I might do some short distance sprints (40-100m). That will probably help preserve the muscle in your legs better than anything else.

RIT Jared

You might be to quick to give up all training.

Even if you did some free squats (no weight) that would benefit you more than you can imagine.

While it’s not my first choice to work legs, you could try the leg press machine if you are unable to support weight on your back for squats.

If you think about it there might be a way to train around the injury. Just make sure that you don’t do more harm to the injured area.

Good Luck,