Injury Before A Competetion

There is no forum for my particular sport(climbing), but I figured this was a decently logical forum to ask this question.

I have a bouldering competition coming up this next weekend that I am absolutely stoked for. Yesterday, I was working on a problem and my feet slipped and I should have just dropped, but I fought it and felt a definite pop in my hand. I’m guessing it is some sort of tendon strain in my middle and ring finger.

Right now it hurts to grab anything, movement is stiff, and flexing it in any way hurts… although it is manageable. I can stay off it until the competition or the day before… but will be competing.

What can I do to help the injury heal as much as possible before the comp.? My instinct is to take ibuprofen and ice it… is this good? More I can do? With this sort of injury should I concentrate on immobilizing it as much as possible or should I try to keep it “warm” and stretch it? Any help is appreciated…