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Injury Because of Pre-Workout Stretching????


I usually don't do too much (If any) stretching before a squat or deadlift workout, and I've had a pretty good track record of staying un-injured recently. Today, for some reason I decided to lay on a mat and do some leg and hip area stretching for about 10 minutes.

I'm doing the 5 by 5 workout now for squats and few other exercises. Today was squats, and I started to feel a strain in my front hip area on the second set. I powered through to the 5 the set, and by that time the pain had become worse. Now, later in the day I can barely get up and down from a seat without sharp pain in my hip and lower midsection.

I would think this is coincidental, but the last time I had this same injury I had done some extended stretching beforehand. Is it possible that the stretching was detrimental to my squat workout. After I recover from this (the last time took about a week) I'm going to think really hard about hitting the mat first.