Injury - Anyone Get This?

Advice about this injury:

Today I was setting up to do a 5x5 with squats, and felt I had warmed up enough (145, 185, 225),and then when I got put on and did 285x5 the top-most part of my right leg kinda felt a little tight.

I thought nothing of this and went to do a second set. Then my right leg hurt so bad after I finished I legitimately had to stop, and I’ve been icing it and taking advil ever since.

Anyone ever get this and have advice?



stretch ice rest

I get some bad pains in my right knee as well due to some fascia build up that kind of snaps and rolls around there. If it swells i would say P.R.I.C.E- protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation. Or just keep icing it and eat some naproxen (aleve). If it continues to be bad you might want to have it checked out.
Did you hear anytype of popping or snapping before the pain?
Are you currently full weight bearing on that leg?