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Injury and Starting Up Again


its been 8 months since I was in the gym. I tore my tfcc and did some damage to my DRUJ in both my wrists. I was cleared in September to start lifting again and man am I struggling. The only fitness I did when I was injured was running about a total of 30 miles a week. When I was injured I had been taking halodrol and I had some huge gains.

I didn't use a SERM afterwards because I was on a low dose because it was my first time experimenting with prohormones. I didn't have any gyno or severe side effects gladly. I did lose my gains and the gains I had made before that since I haven't been able to lift. I feel like a twig. I want to get started up again with lifting and getting into the routine but I have been struggling with physical energy and been getting fatigued after 2 sets pretty much.

I have never felt this out of shape in my life. It was my first injury. I was considering doing a cycle of halodrol again followed by a SERM I got from puresol which is black or purplish which worries me as well. I'm worried that I will become dependent on these prohormones but the other part of me just wants it to help get back in the swing of things.

I also take adderal and Zoloft. My adderall no long causes that apparent psychological high that most people experience. I only take it because I have severe Adhd

Could this fatigue be from being out of the gym so long? I never have been out this long before. Is this how it feels to start over? God I am such a noob