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Injury and Muscle Retention


Hey CT,

I recently separated my AC joint in a dirtbike accident and as a result cannot train upper body in the gym until it has healed.
As summer is approaching here in Australia, I was planning to cut bodyfat starting in a couple weeks. I'm currently about 210lbs and ~12% bf at 6'. I was planning to get to ~8%.

I am worried that attempting to cut bodyfat will be too catabolic while not training upper body. Is the best approach to maintain calories to reduce catabolism or would a cut be able to be attempted if supplementing with BCAAs and keeping protein intake high?
Please note that in Australia a lot of Biotest products are not available, ie MAG-10.
Lower body exercises would be limited to machines since I can't hold a barbell across my back or hold any dumbbells just yet.

What would you suggest to do?

Thanks in advance.


either way.... leucine.

I know this from studies but also from experience