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Injury and Hygetropin


Ok so bascially I have a minor tear or BAD muscle strain in the muscle under the scapula bone. Long stry short ths cases me a tremendous amount of [ain on cerain lifts. I have tries all non-drug/invasive mans to treat this but nothing has worked so after reading a a little on GH I boght a 200iu kit of Hygetrpin from a very reliale source. I just started taking 4iu day in the afternoon(I know I should split it up but I can cause live at home and keep the stuff at a friend's house). Anyway to the wise members of T-Nation I ask, Do you think this will work?, Am I taking a high enough dose?


If its a bad muscle strain or partial tear I would have gone with the not working out at all for a while til it healed before messing around with something as complicated as HGH.


Its not so bad that I couldn't train I was even going to a therapist/strength coach who was giving me the OK to train hard even training back. But it was just not getting better and might have made it worse at one point. Also I had tried giving it time off with no luck. My therapist said it could possibly be scar tissue as well. Either way a close friend of mine is very knowledgeable in terms of AAS and GH I was just wondering if anyone here could also give me some input as to whether or not this treatment will work.


please somebody respond


For a specific, acute problem you need a specific, acute solution. It does indeed sound like you strained or pulled one of your rotator cuff muscles. I think you learned the hard way that continued training is only aggravating it. What you need is some soft tissue work on the site itself. Im very biased towards ART myself as you usually see immediate results after the first treatment. The ART practitioner [or whoever you go see] will break up that scar tissue and restore proper muscle function and range of motion; no drugs needed in your case.


I agree 100% and I tried both ART and Grastons for over 3 months and did nothing but spend a lot of money on little to no relief. I really just want to know if the Hygetropin will help and if any one has had any similar experience with injuries and GH


Hmmm Im surprised to hear ART did little to nothing for you. No one can tell you how your specific individual body will respond to GH. As I guess, on paper you'd think there would be some benefit. However, as you know GH affects the whole system which is good but how much help you'd get for your muscle strain is unknown. My conjecture would be not so bright given your sub-optimal response to direct soft tissue work in that area. I would not get my hopes up given your circumstances. But you already bought the stuff so...


Thanks for the input. Ill let you know how it all works out


Just wondering, did you get the pinwheel tops or the 8iu hygetropin top?


pinwheel tops. Its my understanding that they are the real deal


Every one seems to be divided on which is real ( pinwheel or 8iu tops) for me it seems the 8iu since the .cn websight has been around since 06 where the .com.cn has only been around since 08... again haven't tried either... anyone try both? Or ether long enough to tell?


Will the real hygetropin please stand up? Lol


I'll be sure to get back to you guys if I see any results


Thanks! That's all I was looking for.


srarting out at 4 ius ed,right from jump street!you should have seen some sides from the gh...numbing of the hands,swollen feet,achy bones...something....also i tore my bi a few months back,and i believe gh helped me tremendously with my healing process!but thats just me man!


I actually have been feeling my hands get numb lately