Injury Advice

Apparently I did some damage to the tendon on the inside the elbow on my right arm. I assume this was done while doing wide grip BB curls. The area is sore, especially when holding the arm at certain angles. My question is, how long should I rest this? Should I stay away from all upper body work (overhead shoulder presses were aggravating it Friday, so moved on to leg work), or just avoid movements that bother the area? I know that if it’s not feeling better in 4-5 days I should probably see a doctor, but I’m trying to avoid that if rest will help.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Thanks BBB…I missed the window on the ice treatments.

You can ice after 72 hours if you still have pain, swelling and loss of function. Three out of the five cardinal signs of inflammation that will dictate whether ice or heat is better.

Lifts, if they don’t hurt, should be okay, but if no better in a week, see your doctor.