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Injury Advice Please

I have a slow muscle soreness in my upper arm. It is located at the part of my bicep that is closest to my elbow joint on the inside part of my arm. I have had this pain off and on for a while. The harder I work out the worse it gets and sometimes it becomes too much to bear. I’ll usually take some pain killers and avoid the area for a while. After a few weeks it always comes back. Today, I warmed up laid down on the bench excited about starting OVT training BAM! pain shot up my arm and I knew what had happened.

I don’t know if I should subject myself to my doctor’s vast wisdom, “If it hurts when you do that. Don’t do that.” I’m sure there are many here at T-Mag that have dealt with injuries of this sort and would like some advice. Thanks in advance.

Without knowing the specifics, it sounds like it could be a case of medial epicondylitis (“golfer’s elbow”). You aren’t by any chance a involved in a sport that involves a throwing-type motion, are you?

Do the pain move into the forearm or the upper arm?

Do risk flexion and/or pronation bother it?