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Injury, 6 Months No Cardio. Body Fat?

Anyone have a rough estimate of my body fat? Yes, I know I am a fat boy. I been injured for the last 5-6 months. I gained 30 lbs. I am about 2-4 weeks away from returning to activity.
Anyone have any ideal of my body fat percentage? Any workout recommendations? I really want to build my physique and functional strength.

I have seen a lot of crazy tranformations of this forum. Any advice for losing weight with out losing strength? What’s the quickest way to losing fat? I was thinking of starting with hiit, as I have had success with it in the past. Also any ideals for building my physique? Mainly shoulders and arms. I am quite sure it is not evident from the pictures but I do lift. I haven’t been able to work my legs in 6 months so I can’t tell you what I squat or deadlift at the moment. I can bench press about 345 (1rm) no spotter. I can curl 60lbs for about 6 reps. Lateral raise with 40’s done correctly. I am not a weak dude but how do I make my physique reflect my strength?(other than the obvious losing fat)

How can I get more rounded shoulders and more defined arms?

Not trying to be a body builder I just want a better physique.


Been a while since I’ve logged onto T-Nation, but as I recall “Guess My Bodyfat” threads don’t go over too well on this site. In any case, Rate My Physique isn’t the right place for such a thread. Having others judge your bodyfat levels based on a few pictures won’t give you consistent feedback and the data won’t be practical. Meaning you cannot use it in any way.

Search the site for articles on how to measure your lean body mass (LBM). Those will give you several methods, and whichever you choose will help you track changes over time.

Thanks I will try that. I tried to delete the thread but it said “access denied”.

for delts i would do them 2x a week

by doing this exercises

behind neck presses

Front Plate Raise

Rear Delt Raise

Side Laterals with dumbells and Standing Low-Pulley Deltoid Raise at the end to exhaust the muscle to the end

i had flat shoulders untill i started doing this workout 2x a week and even add time to time on weekend once…

if i were you i would do shrugs with medium weight and do the squeez around 12-20 reps ( doing pyramid) lets say 20kg ,25kg 28 kg (depends how strong you are…) do it 4x with each weight and you should grow

about arms i would just cut and change the split you use… if your going heavy atm go for reps or if your doing reps go for heavy your arms are solid if you ask me

about your bodyfat if you ask me your at around 22-25%bf

i hope you got your answer

Basically, just get in the gym and lift crazy hard. A push/pull split or an upper body/lower body split where you’re hitting every major muscle group two times a week will work wonders. It doesn’t really matter if you go high reps or low reps as long as you’re pushing yourself hard for an hour a day, 4-5x week. Do exercises you enjoy to keep your motivation level high.

Once you start making progress and dropping body fat, you can start getting more specific about the little things. Isolation work isn’t really necessary at this point. Focus on big compound lifts (working multiple muscle groups at the same time-- bench, squat, deadlift, push press, kettle bell swings, leg presses, lunges, dips, pull ups, rows, etc) until you get a good solid base.

Don’t skip core work too. Just because you can’t see your abs doesn’t mean they don’t count. They’re super important for proper form on all of your big lifts.