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Injuries Supplments, etc???

Hows everone out there? This is my first post on here and here’s my situation. I had labrum surgery 3 months ago and because of this injury I haven’t been able to lift for 6 months. I’ve slipped into a state of depression that has thrown my diet all out of whack and I’m scared to even go to the gym b/c of all the weakness thats going to be leaving my body (doms). Can anyone here please give me some advice on where to start getting back to where I was. I’m almost to the point where I’m going to start steroids even though my bodies nowhere near the point of needing them, but mentally it sure would help. If any products on this site can help me out let me know how effective they are, and any advice on easing back into the lifting will sure help too. Ty, and this is a very nice site by the way.

Injuries are a MF

I can appreciate your anxiety, since I took an unplanned week off after totally burning out on my program from overtraining/undereating, and developing some subtle joint issues. It was just one week, but going back in, I felt nervous and tentative about performing lifts I was confident on only a week or so earlier. I was afraid my barely-healed joints would end up worse, and I’d be laid off for a lot longer. Fortunately, after my first workout I felt better, my joints felt stronger. That was a month ago and my workouts, joints and recovery have been steadily improving.

There may be some supplements that will help you, but primarily, I’d say your struggle is mental. Just start back, and go slow. Drop your expectations. Forgive yourself for not being where you were, and want to be. Accept that, and do what feels good for your body. This is not a time to push too hard, physically, it’s a time to test the waters. The grit will be a mental grit, as well as a commitment to yourself to listen to your body and respect and heed what it tells you.

You’ll start getting stronger soon, and then your confidence will return and you’ll start looking forward to workouts with eager anticipation again.

Taking gear just to feel mentally prepared, well that’s just a terrible reason, in my opinion. Be brave and embrace the mental challenge. If you feel you need to take something, start with something that will actually help your injury heal and help your body recover from the workouts. Consider this a test of your ‘real’ strength; your mental strength. Bodybuilding is as much about mental strength and attitude as it is about physical strength.

Good luck, you can do it!

Do a search on the amino acid-tyrosine, it should help alleviate your anxiety. Have you tried Creatine? It might help with recovery, both physically and phsycoligically. If you can`t lift, then teach yourself a new discipline, like tai-chi, or something where you flex your muscles, it might make you feel better, and it would harden what mass you still have until you can get back to lifting.

Thanks for the info. I’ve tried every supp atleast once in my day. I had a sht load of Muscle blast by MLO and some Cre HCL and some NO2 (it may not have the physical effects it claims, but mentally it could help plus give energy)I’d been saving since my injury. Then my cousin stole it all out of the trunk of my car. I was looking at taking some Spike, Does any here have any info on how well that stuff works?