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Injuries Preventing Workout Routine

I was injured logging 4 years ago, now. Before the accident I had never worked out a day in my life, I never needed to. Born in a small farming town in Ontario, I started logging when I was 15 and never looked back…muscles naturally grew doing haying and firewood and the like. I fractured off 4 transverse-processes from L1-L4, which is the lower back, or lumbar region for those who don’t know. As well as a couple fractured ribs, herniated disc L5-S1, punctured/bruised liver, kidney and spleen.

This isn’t a “feel bad for me” story, just facts. I’ve been working out off and on for 3 years now, a lot more “off” the first 2 years. Basically Christmas of Dec/07 I still wasn’t walking straight, and could barely do bodyweight lunges, squats, etc. It was pretty bad.
Anybody else on T-Nation struggle with missing workouts due to pain, or not willing to push because of being scared to reinjure/cause more pain, anything similar? I’m sure there have to be other people that go through some of this when it comes to the gym, not everyone on here can have a perfectly pain free body…

I think most people, especially athletes, have dealt with injuries at some point of time.

For you, I’m pretty sure you’re consulting with a doctor, but see if there are any anti inflammatories you can take (fishoil/flame out or ibuprofen or aspirin).

You need to be careful though, as you can reinjure things pretty easily.

Let the pain be your guide.

I’m definately not trying to be rude when I say this…

I understand the above posters advice, but if I can’t go to the gym to do weights more than twice a week, or can’t run 5km without frequent breaks, it’s harder to feel I’m making progress. As an example, if I’m supposed to do deadlifts on Monday, but my back is bugging me, do I just skip it until the next Monday?

Some weeks it’s just very frustrating to try and do everything I want to, I want to try and do weights 3 days a week so I have plenty of recovery time, and I’m not killing myself trying to do too much in one workout. But I can’t magically make my body pain free every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday to get in a good rhythm.

Yes yes and Yes, Avoid Anti-inflammintories beyond three days at a time when flare-ups, they are not good for the body and from a Lunch and learn I was at with some Doctors all Ibuprofen/Advil NSAIDS will most likely be prescription soon, there have been many death solely officiated.

ICE ICE ICE, best thing to use is ICE gel packs in the spine injury, I actually found one that is 2’ long and 10" inches wide :)(Drug store should have them) the cold works miracles to ease down the Nerve signal and flush out toxin releaving pressure and bringing back clean fluids to the area.

"I have two previous bakc injuries as far back as 1989 and 1991, and cause me on and off chronic pain since, thus perminant but as you can see I worked around them and am a Beast :slight_smile:

also have a steel plate and screws in my right shoulder from a Full Pec tear that pulled the shoulder out of the socket and tore the Upper Bicep in 1994…took five years to get back to 220lbs, that one was a Bitch…I now weigh in alot more :slight_smile:

quick list: Left shoulder lvl 3 rotator strain/Bursitus, Left wrist Torn Tendon.

So what do you need to do, FIND WHAT WORKS.

: These exercise will most likely cause to much strain for comfort:

Heavy standing Barbell
T-Bar Rows
Bent Rows

Basically find what causes the least strain to the injured area, My routine is totally customized for me now and I have found out what exercise I will never EVER…

but for strengthening the lower back find a Ab-exercise that works and I recommend light dumbell strainght leg deadlifts and daily lower back stretch.

You have to realize you will always have pain, but what it is, is pain and not an injury…grit your teeth and bare it.

Added note : I am a firm believer in Chiropractors, but be very tricky with your injury

Appreciate the comments. And I see your point on using ‘pain’ in place of ‘injury’.

Definately agree with you on the ‘find what exercises work for you’ part, I’ve got a long list of them I shouldn’t be doing.

My only question to you is whether you were working out/training before/during/after your injuries?

As I mentioned, I’d never even set foot in a gym before. Now, I have to learn technique, exercises, program selection, etc. etc. I struggle the most with the technique part of it, it’s been a real challenge to keep working at the same stuff over and over and over.

The reason I asked when your injuries occurred was I believe it would to be easier to get back to where you were on a lift, than to learn it from scratch and work up to a goal, having movement pattern/flexibility/pain problems in your way. I would use Dave Tate as an example, perhaps not a perfect example, but if I remember correctly I read he recovered from a pec tear and went on to add another 100 lbs to his bench PR.

Go to youtube and look for bodybuilding videos and you will see the exercise you want the the form of the movement, you will soon see who swings and cheats to much, you want strict form for now.

I would only do very light range of motion and would stop judged on the pain, from the initial onset of a injury I would totally avoid the gym based on the injury, average was a couple weeks but something serious a month maybe, so different from injury to injury but I would always work on range of motion be it a shoulder roll to a back bend.

For training the “Bible” and all Bodybuilders have it is the 'Arnold Swarzenegger Encyclopedia of bodybuiling"…the true Holy book of the Sport and it will have diet, injury, everything.