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Injuries Piling Up (Time Off?)

Okay, I have been to the ER alot this past while, first I fractured my sternum at work, then that resulted in ‘irritating’(almost tearing) my Anterior Bicepital ligaments (where the bicep attached in the shoulder), both of these have dictated that I am no longer aloowed to lift heavy in the gym until I am healed.
Just today I am blasting away at work (I am a sandblaster) And my sternum is hurting, so I pop some Ibuprofen at the doctor’s suggestion and continue working, an hour or so later, I can’t breath, I am dizzy, my vision is blurred and my face is numb, and my arm hurts, but I blame that on the ‘irritation’. They rush me to the ER (I swear they are going to know me by name soon) and they run a bunch of test.
It turns out I am damn healthy and they don’t know what happened to me, people at work say that this was most likely a pannic attack, my chest hurting, me thinking about possible heart problems and BAM pannic sets in.

So anyways after a lengthy and not too exciting post, how much should this be affecting the way I lift? I am starting physio for my shoulders next week. And I am not lifting heavy upper body right now (doctor said as long as I keep reps at 30 or over I will be fine) But my knowledge of pannic attacks is zero and when I have an injury usually I just take a little time off from the gym and come back rested and recouped, but my job is more taxing on my shoulders than lifting is, so not lifting seems counter-productive.
I just need the input of people who lift as an important part of their lives, I don’twant to give it up for any length of time, but I would rather do that than cause any permanent damage.


damn shortdave that sucks! hope everything gets better

i had a similar situation/post… i was out 2+ months for tearing a forearm muscle from sandbag crap… anyway i rested 2 whole months it sucked ass, antibiotics f’d me up even more but, what helped was getting back to eating alot more & just resting…

well, those two months sucked, but this week was my first week back to lifting, and all i got to say is the rest+good eating really payed off… im at about 80-90% of where i left off before the injury

the reason why i briefly posted my experience is, my body seemed to have been breaking down and i kept doing stuff (just ignoring it, i love lifting), and finally, bad forearm tear + a pec tear (which i have no idea how that happened)


Thats sucks man.

I second the first reply, 1-2 months off might actually be beneficial to you. Just keep eating as healthy as you can and include a multivitamin and so on.

Hey thanks for sharing man, its always good to now that peopel have dealt with something similar and made it through, I was hoping that this time I could go the distance though… everytime I lift it gets stopped at about the three month mark because of something stupid, be it moving, motorcycle accident(that one sucked balls) or any number of other accidents that seem to plague me. I thought I was being careful this time, I was gonna be huge.