Injuries and Recovery Time

I have been casually lifting a few years, only seriously lifting a few months. About a month ago I tore or severely pulled a muscle in my chest while benching. I waited several days without touching any weights then gradually got back into it.

After a heavier workout, that indicated I was almost back to where I was, i waited as long as I normally do. The following workout I pulled it again. Today, ten days later, that now familiar feeling tearing occurred as I tried to bench again.

General suggestions for Recovery time, and how to recover from muscle tears/pulls? Specific to the chest with workout ideas would help. Thanks!

Well it seems that it’s not ready to be pushed further and further right now so just try to keep it at a sub-muscle pulling level and keep it there for another week or two. Then raise it a little bit and a little bit more.

You have to think of this like this: take a long time and don’t make many gains to get over the injury completely OR keep trying to push yourself, keep tearing it, keep getting your ass kicked back to square one.