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Injuries And Motivation

For anyone that has come back from an Injury, how do you keep motivated? I’m finding that not being able to bench press more then 1/3 of what I used to is embarassing. Granted, I can do all the other lifts, but bench is a core lift, and not being able to do it makes my workouts seem incomplete. The mental motivation is the tough part for me. What have your experiences been?

Try using what you just said as your motivation. You could bench that amount at one point, so there is nothing stopping you from doing it again.

Set a goal (keep it realistic), and push until you reach it.

I am working back from a shoulder injury and sore wrists. Before this I was five pounds away from benching 300lbs which was my goal. I got knocked down because I was to anxious and attempted to work to fast and hard to get to my goal.

But…For motivation (and recovery) I adjusted my bench press to pressing the bar to my neck which will require you to use lighter weights anyway but still give you a great chest workout.

Now as far as not being able to press as much as I could… For now I just try and keep my volume high until my shoulders and wrists are fully healed. Then I will retain most of my strength. And you will too!! Dont worry, it will all come back. Just dont try and lift the world before you are fully healed. GOOD LUCK!!!

Are you making progress (even if it’s slow)? Take that as your motivation.