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Injuried Hip


Hello, guys, I'm Sergio from Chile (which is not in the list when one signs up!)
i've just found your site and it's really useful. i was wondering if you could help me:
I have a pinched hip (actually both but the right one is much worse) a really common injury for tennis and soccer players (i play soccer and practiced kick boxing for 7 years) this injury requires surgery when the labrum is broken, before so you are supposed to live a normal life.

sadly normal doesn't mean normal for us sportsppeople . i'm not supposed to squat or kick any more! not even jogging for more than 30 minutes with intervals of 3 mins running and 1 resting. i feel really bad about this condition as i cannot train normally. so any suggestions on cardio worout? leg workout? martial arts training? (i still need one more yrear to get my 1st dan degree) i will deeply appreciate any comments on this.
sincerely yours
Sergio Leon Candia
P.E teacher
personal trainer
martial artist


its impingement syndrome type cam and pincer (bum?) in the right hip and been feeling same in the left...i already had a AMR (joint magnetic resonance)