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Injuried Ankle - Focus on Bench

Hello, I’m 19.5 years old guy who have been training for almost 4 years, I’m one of the people whos dedicating his life to LIFT SLEEP STUDY EAT REPEAT.

Im 5’8 , 180lbs. best lifts are : Bench 275lbs, Deadlift 525, Squat wrapped 510.

Yesterday i was running to catch the metro and i have slipped and bam smashed my ankle, been walking with a crutch for 2 days but im feeling way better and started to walk without the crutch but as you know its not a smart idea to deadlift and squat anytime soon till its fully recovered.

I was thinking that my bench is not that good so why i would not use this period of time to focus on bench and running Smolov JR Bench program which is 4 bench days? i want to hear opinions about this program and if it would be a good choice for me. thanks in advance.

That’s what I did when I broke my tibia. It was fun and I made good progress, but lost pretty much all of it after a couple of months. People did warn me that the gains are transient, and I didn’t quite realise how right they were. But I enjoyed the training and if nothing else it’s a good thing to do to keep your mind occupied.

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