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Injured Wrists. Advice?


Okay guys i'll make this as short as I can.

i injured my wrists(both arms) and i'm unable to even apply any pressure when my wrist is bent both forward and backward. for example i can't do a pushup, but it doesn't hurt when my wrist is neutral. i was going through a recomp phase which was working well till i got this injury.

i want to still continue my recomp phase but i have no idea how to plan it now, since it seems like all upperbody movements are out(till i get my wrists checked - should be this coming weekend). how about something like this?

saturday - legs [heavy/high intensity/lower volume]
sunday to tuesday - rest
wednesday - legs [not as heavy/medium intensity/higher volume]
thursday and friday - rest

i actually dont mind squeezing in a 3rd day of leg training but then again i'm not really sure how to plan it.

i know this isn't the best set-up but i don't want to risk anything with my wrists and right now i want to continue training and recomping. anyone has any suggestions/critique?


now, why dont you do some jibberish since its only a week until you know about your wrists, and then decide?