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Injured Wrist


Injured my wrist pretty bad doing Close grip bench. Yeah, I wasn't gripping the bar wide enough... Came down to touch my chest and heard 2 pops/snaps in my right wrist, I even had damn wrist wraps on. There's no swelling or discoloration, just pretty bad pain, and it hurts like hell to try and hold something that weighs more than a couple pounds. Haven't seen a doctor yet, I've been icing the hell out of it and taking it easy. Been two days since the injury, and I plan on giving it a couple more before seeing a doctor. Anyone else ever have a wrist sprain/break?


Could be broken. Sprains can often be worse than breaks (ie - swelling, discoloration). Get to the doc.


Eh, I did squats the day after the injury and just used wrists wraps. Pain was definitely there, but tolerable. I also did hanging leg raises, it hurt pretty damn bad, but I still did 5x10. What are they going to do for a minor break? Wrap my wrist and charge me tons of money? Fuck that, I'll do that myself.


Pretty much. I have a history of spraining my wrist from doing close-grip bench and deadlifts. I went to a chiro instead of a doctor, all they did was wrap it, said to take it easy for a few days, and said to make sure to use wraps (which I hadn't been) when benching/squatting. I've done that ever since and haven't had issues. If that still happened when you were wearing wraps...I don't know, that really sucks.