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Injured Wrist, Need Help

Well, about a week and five days ago, during rugby practice, I was lifting someone up and something gave in my wrist. I just bent it in the wrong way and their weight came down on it a bit too fast. The next day I couldn’t rotate my wrist at all to use silverware and swelling ensued for the next three days.

That said I kept lifting without any serious hinderances. The pain is almost completely gone, as is the swelling. However, when I try to do any sort of curl or a reverse grip deadlift I get a shooting pain on the top right side of my right wrist. I’m capable of all other exercises. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

I will see a doctor eventually, but has anyone had any similar problems and is this something that will go away soon? Also, I’m going to continue training since the only muscles I can’t train directly are biceps. I’m just using a traditional palms-facing-my-body grip for now.


12 days of pain? Get an x-ray on that bad boy.

Do you think there’s any chance it’s more than a sprain?

Possibly soft tissue damage. Soft tissue takes 4-6 weeks to heal if taken care of properly. I suggest you ice it and try and rest it as much as possible. But as always, go see a doctor, they have the best answers. GOOD LUCK!!

[quote]Blemming wrote:
Do you think there’s any chance it’s more than a sprain? [/quote]

Spend the $50 and get an x-ray. While it could just be a sprain, it is also possible to fracture one of the small wrist bones (carpals). Better safe than sorry.

A wrist injury has been my only significant injury in relation to weightlifting…there was really nothing I could do to heal it faster other than rest it. Rest means rest, not lifting light. No pullups, deads, or curls, or anything else that causes pain.

Now get to the doc and stop getting diagnoses over the internet from a bunch of keyboard jockeys.