Injured Training for First Meet

I strained a muscle in my lower back squatting four weeks out from my first meet (for which I recently sent in payment, entry form, etc.). This injury has happened before and it usually takes about 3-4 weeks to get back to full strength, plus one week of basically no spinal loading immediately following the injury.

My question is whether those with experience think I should go ahead and do the meet anyway, despite being well below what I could/should be total wise and also despite being potentially not fully healed. Obviously there’s the money issue but more importantly, I’ve been thinking/talking about doing a meet for about a year, having picked out several that I’ve later decided not to do for various reasons. Next meet is not until September or October and backing out of ANOTHER meet doesn’t sound too appealing at the moment.

So, is it worth it for the experience, or just heal up, get stronger and do another one later on?

Thanks in advance.

I have to have surgery on my hip. I am prolonging my surgery to do a meet.
Rest between workouts till you can do it again. I lift twice per week and rest til I can do it again. Don’t rush. Get your brain in sync with your balls and make it happen.
If you need 3 or 4 days to recover between sessions, do it. Ice like a mother and stretch.
You can do it if you really want it, but then again if you are seriously hurt don’t be a moron. Listen to your body and proceed accordingly.

If you already paid then why not? Just go.