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Injured Pec

recently i hurt my right pec while DB benching. i had been BB benching (power lifting style) for about a month and i hadn’t once DB benched during that time frame. On my first set i experienced a sharp pain in the outter portion of my right pec. it happened nearly a week ago and it still hurts if i try to apply more than normal (i.e. lifting) force on it. i dont know if i’ve given enough info but for any one with experience regarding the my situation i would apprecciate the help. thank you

if there is asymmetry between the pecs with arms by your side and with resisted horisontal adduction then go see an orthopod cos you’ve probably sustained a serious tear…your history is’nt descriptive enough…basically : a tear = surgery = sling 6wks
Strain = decreased activity 6 wks

it was a sharp pain but it was very bearable. i was at the gym earlier, after i posted, and i could do planks and support myself with it. now i’m able to do a pushup but i still feel soreness in the spot. i’m assuming, now, that its a strain… thanks physioe

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thanks but ART? sorry not familiar with term