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Injured on Second Day of Cycle


So I was only on my second day of my first cycle today and I injured my shoulder. It's pretty sore but I think I should be back up and going in about 5 days. I was going to do a dbol test stack and had just started the dbol, thankfully hadn't shot any of the test yet. I've only taken one day of 30mg of dbol and 20mg so far today. I was planning on just stopping for now and starting back up whenever I recovered. Since I was on for just a short time do I need to bother taking any of my PCT? I was just going to use some Novladex for my post cycle. Anyway, I had it all planned out for a full cycle. Just didn't know how to proceed now since I have to cut it short.






please take this as a blessing, and do some serous research before you start again.