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Injured: Need Help to Maintain!

so over the weekend i severely broke my right hand/dominant hand. ive made huge gains in the gym in the last 4 months!(190-205). Talk About bad timing for an injury!, i need some routine and supp. suggestions to help me to maintain as much as possible.im in a cast for 6 weeks min. ~Besides the obvious leg work .

I don’t know how much pain you’re in, but try getting ankle straps. Strap one around your forearm, while it’s not the same, you can still do some things while taking your hand/grip out of the equation.

I feel for you! I was in the EXACT same situation about 6 months ago. I broke my left hand punching a railing mad like an idiot.

I used a strap around my forearm to do some type of curls and tricep extensions with my left arm. I duplicated the work out on my right. It wasnt the most intense workout I ever did, but I was also able to do pull overs for back, and some chest machines and raises for shoulders. I didnt loose any size in the 12 weeks I had the cast on. I didnt gain as much I was, but I maintained and still added strength in my legs.

So cheer up it will be fine! I know it sucks though.

Thanks Brothers…the strap sounds like i may have some chance…
-ill let you know how the workout goes tonight.