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Injured neck

I injured my neck in march this year and it hasn’t really improved to much.I’ve done heaps of therapy on it but it still isn’t good enough for weight training.I was wondering if anyone’s had a neck injury and knows any movements which don’t hurt it.Or how to ease back into training slowly.Thanx

I injured my neck before by pulling a tendon or ligament or who knows what all I know is that it hurt like bitch. I’m assuming I hurt one of the above because it took like 6 to 8 months to heal(we all know of the slow metabolism or ligaments and tendons). My neck was injured in a real pulling fashion when I was wrestling. At any rate the biggest help for me was a foam pillow that kept my head in a good position while I slept. Also keeping away from any posible strains such as more wrestling. So this was one case where rest helped. I feel for ya man neck pain SUCKS!!! Good luck. :slight_smile:


Please, please don’t ever suggest “not wrestling” as a solution to anything. Wrestling = good, not Wrestling = bad.

Do a search on the Intenet for a ART practioner in your area, sounds like you have a good deal of scar tissue built up and (or) something is not alined correctly. As far as exercises: reverse hypers. Simmons has rehabilitated over 2 dozen athletes with herniated or bulging disks with this machine (without surgery, I might add). Best of luck.

ish! I could have swore you said back. So disregard the reverse hyper thing. ART still sound like the way to go.

Yes yes point taken. But think of it this way, had I taken time off earlier I would have healed earlier which would have meant more wrestling. Which is good. However now I probably couldn’t out wrestle a cabbage patch doll. Too much work and to little time management skills. Ummmmm too many injuries is another reason. Working on those. Keago. :slight_smile:

I live in N.S.W Australia i don’t know if anyone does active release in my area.

I’ve strained my neck over the years training and most times just resting helped out. I would also try to find an ART practitioner in your area. One of the best things for neck aches is a book called “Treat Your Own Neck” by Robert A. McKenzie. My ART practitioner let me borrow it and it’s only a couple of pages thick, but it gives good stretches/exercises to help your neck. My neck pain and headaches went away in about 3 days.