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Injured my shoulder

Hey guys, i injured my shoulder 2 weeks ago, its gotten a little better but still cant lift with it.

What happened is i was rushing and didnt warm up properly and went too heavy on my shoulder presses. i got a little pain, i ignored it and pushed out a few reps but had to stop. then the next day it was very sore. it seems to be at the front of my shoulder, maybe in the joint?

It seems to be comng from between my pec and front delt. any of this sound familiar to anyone? what it could be?

I have a similar sort of problem but in both shoulders. I have been using resistance band exercise, for recovery while have a week off. It seems to be working for me. I think there an article on here form Joe defranco called Shoulder Shocker. Look at the last exercise really dose work. Don’t know if this helps.

Almost inevitably shoulder injuries are related to tight pecs. Look into stretching your pecs and throw in some shoulder dislocations with a band everyday if you’re not already. It really helps. As far as the injury itself, Bill Starr has a shoulder injury protocol that you might benefit from looking at.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Possible biceps tendonitis, but due to the almost comedic lack of information, it’s hard to say any more than that.


lol, fair point! i don’t know what i was expecting to hear back from this!

It’s been 2 and a half weeks now, its definately improving but not quick enough!

It gets sore when im driving, holding my hand on ‘2’ on the stearing wheel. (10 and 2 hand poistions).

Hurts when i push myself up off the bed, face down.

Cant do push ups with it yet, but can do what i’d call angled pushups, half way between standing up and lyng down, leaning on a worktop or something.

I hurt it before doing shoulder presses (couple years ago) and it got better but occasonally it got a bit sore. It’s normally fine because i now warm up my shoulders by pyramiding up about 15-20kg a set, but this time i rushed it and went heavy too quick.

The reason i didnt go see anybody about it is because im broke! but if it doesnt heal by weeks end i’ll have to see a physio.

When its sore, the pain eases when i apply presser to the pain, which is located below the colorbone/right of the upper pec/ left of the front delt muscle. and im pushing towards the shoulder.

3 week mark tomorrow, physio appointment tomorrow! Never expected to be out of action this long! hope it’s nothing too serious but i’ll report back tomorrow…


Tear of Transverse Humeral Ligament over Long Head of Biceps Tendon.

Edit, is that similar to what u guessed BBB? I thought you were joking saying bicep due to my lack of information!!

I’m 3 weeks injured now, he said i should be ok in 2 more weeks.

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From your description, I have the same injury. Hurt it last week doing deadlifts/chins (though it may have been from pressing the day before). So far I see pec stretching and shoulder dislocations as recommended rehab. Any other suggestions? What has your PT told you to do? Thanks.

Not sure what the problem you created is, but try this test out. Lie on your back and attempt to keep your arms straight overhead, lying on the ground, relaxed. Do not force them to stay straight if they dont want to. Let us know what you notice side to side differences etc… take a picture and post it if you can.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I gave you the more common diagnosis (degeneration/pain in the biceps tendon), but if your diagnosis is correct then your pain is coming from the ligament that holds that tendon in its groove in the humerus.

Honestly whilst he/she may well be right, I for one would be looking for a second opinion since it can be hard to correctly differentiate between the two and some therapists will look for the more complex problems and eschew the simple, because it makes them feel geeky, lol. I know, I was once like that.

But occams razor lets us know that the simpler explanation is ususally the correct one.

Look on youtube for biceps tendonitis tests and see if you can recreate them.

The diagnosis of ligament tear involves feeling the long head of biceps tendon jumping out of the groove. Can you feel this?

How was the diagnosis made? Purely physical examination or was there any sort of soft tissue inmaging?


Sorry about late reply bushy, dont think i dont appreciate your input!

its about 7 weeks now, still not better. you could be right i could be misdiagnosed.

I’ve been trying to read up on tendonitus, kind of worried as thats what owen hargreaves has in his knees…

It was a physical examinaton only, i’ll ring him tomorrow and suggest tendonitus and see what he says.

How would you suggest i go about rehabilation of this?

[quote]mletten wrote:
From your description, I have the same injury. Hurt it last week doing deadlifts/chins (though it may have been from pressing the day before). So far I see pec stretching and shoulder dislocations as recommended rehab. Any other suggestions? What has your PT told you to do? Thanks.[/quote]

I can deadlift just fine, its presses which i cant do!

I was told to rest… I’ll have to return for an updated assessment and i’ll get back to you.

I had the EXACT injury you described above, problem is that it happened 2 and a half months ago =
Had several goes to the doctor which started with him sending me to x-ray (which didn’t show nothing), pills and now physiotherapy (which I didn’t go to), the next step is ultrasound.

I tried to do several rotator cuff exercises which helped a little, and the broomstick rotating exercises which I stopped to do because they led to massive clicking from my shouler.
I’ve learned a lot from this post, did some tests from youtube and the test where I felt the most pain was the empty can test and a little on neer’s test.
The amount of paint I feel is not huge so I guess I have a inflammation and not a tear. will update after the PT.

Hope we help each other!

had a similar problem G.I. Joe… had a biceps tendon strain & also a suprasprinatus impingment - had pretty much 2 weeks off from lifting, seeing a physio daily for soft tissue, i had pretty messed up shoulders in terms of how my scapulae worked & very upper trap dominant.

i found once i was able to change this that my shoulder issues have pretty much gone (although when i OH press i have to make sure my shoulders don’t go too far into external rotation.) - it did take weeks to pattern my scapular movements correctly & it gets pretty tedious.



Still cant shoulder i’ve been benching moderately passed couple weeks 70-80kg just.

Back to physio today, he says there’s scar tissue left there so some deep tissue massage and should be back to normal gradually soon hopefully!

‘physio to AC joint capsule sprain’ was on my reciept. he showed me how to do it myself for the next week or 2.