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Injured My Neck/Shoulder Again


I was waking up and while half awake half asleep I flinched and twisted and felt something pull in my upper back near my left scapula.

Now it's really tight and painful. Turning my head either way hurts, the more I turn it, the more it hurts.

Same if I tilt to the right (right ear towards right shoulder).

The other way the pain hits immediately - I've got no range of motion without pain.

My arm moves fine.

I'm guessing it's my levator scap - any ideas what I've done to it and why?


You know, I have done the exact same thing, only when I turned my head to the left. Also, on the initial day it was so tight and painful the muscle was going into spasms. Not fun. Basically I went and had a massage which helped, and then had to wait a few days to let it heal on it's own. Has never reoccured.



Did you ever find out why it happened to you?

Ideally I'd like to learn what I did (or didn't do) which allowed it to happen in the first place.

I'm confident I've got treatment covered .. trying to focus on prevention now.