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Injured, Looking for Ideas

I used to post back here allot a couple years ago, some of you may remember me. I stopped posting awhile ago but always kept reading. Anyways, recently I had to have Surgery to repair a ruptured left triceps tendon. I will have to rehab the arm for awhile and will not be able to do much with it other than physical therapy.

I’m looking for some idea’s on Core and lower body training so I don’t just get fat and lazy during the rehab. I had been doing a modified Westside work out before it blew up. Actally I would appreciate any idea’s or advice. Thanks!

What can you do pain free…??

Maybe belt squats, no hand front squats, wide grip back squats (hands at the collars) if you can manage it.

Leg presses, hack squats, GHR’s, leg curls…

I’m sure there’s loads more. I’m gussing you’re not ready to hold onto weights yet? (so splir squats, RDLs, SLDLs and DL’s are probably outta the question too??) Or can you use straps to hold onto the bar??

Hey Colin, sorry to hear about your injury. You might want to post in the Q&A for Marc Bartley as I think he tore his tricep tendon last year. Probably have some good pointers for you.

Heal up

Thanks for the replies! It is about the same as I was thinking. I have always had a problem with glutes & hams so I may do allot of single leg work and GHR. I will definetly seek out Mark’s advice.

Thanks agsin!

Check out Heavythrower’s What the Heck Am I Doing Thread in Strength Sports…he has some really great posts and recently went through a similar type of injury/surgery. Good luck with your recovery & rehab!