Injured Knee

hi guys…

i am new in this forum, so i will muchly appreciate any help or comment for my problem. Today i just had one of my best game on basketball, suddenly when i was trying to shoot a fade away and got blocked i landed on my left knee and felt sudden pop between the femur bone and tibia bone. The two knee bones got crossed somehow, the tibia goes internal rotated and the femur goes external, BUT luckily the bones come back right away!!. What unfortunate for me are, i feel sudden sharp pain specially on my LCL (most) and MCL (less) until now.To make the pain graded…it feels like between I to II grade pain. The MCL and LCL is slightly swelled except that my MCL got inflamated ( red sign on the skin) for a while and then just gone right now.

Last week i just dived in the Neandhartal no more article and realized that i have a lordosis. After that i have been trying to correct this problem. I am a serious trainer that try to hit my best on squat and other leg training since i was 19 and i just realize that my glutes are definitely weak!! ( i do not know how, FYI i am good in doing one leg squat even with 15-20 kg weight). So yesterday i was trying to improve my glute with some hip raise training (in it works!! my lordosis is slightly gone).

For the record, it is been long time that i realized that my leg are not rotate in the same direction. My right leg is internally rotated (explained by a constant pain in my LCL for years), and my left leg are externally rotated (do you remember MJ’s leg? thats my left leg are).

So i am really really apriciate to all of you in here, What should i do with this injury? i have diged all article i can get in the internet about knee injuries, but none of them explained how to rehabilitate 2 ligaments injuries at the same time. And for my both screwed rotated legs, is there a way to repair it (after dealing with this left knee injury)?
some links or anything to explain my problems will be highly appreciated. Below is a picture for my knee before injured

Indra Bayu

First off, did you get seen by an ortho physician or PT/ATC/Osteo for evaluation of your knee? Unless you completely dislocate you knee, it is VERY difficult to injure/tear your MCL and LCL at the same time. If you haven’t seen a healthcare professional about this, go see one. For all you know, you may have injured your ACL, meniscus, or other structures.

For your “rotated knees”, from the picture you posted, on both knees you have some valgum (“knock kneed”) occurring which is associated with hip internal rotation (I am assuming that you are referring to your hip rotation when you say leg rotation). I’m not sure where you were getting that your left hip is externally rotated. Also, an internally rotated hip will place additional stretch/stress on the MCL, not the LCL.

The solution you are trying to use to fix your lordosis should also help with your valgum knee position and internally rotated hips. Strengthen your glutes. The single leg (pistol) squat is a poor test for glute strength as it recruits the quads more-so than the glutes.

After getting checked out by a doctor to rule out any significant injury and to find out exactly what you have going on, I’d recommend getting your movement quality, mobility, and strength screened by a qualified (strength) professional. From there you can determine where you should focus you training to fix your imbalances and the best/most efficient way to go about it.