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Injured Knee w/ Squats

I have been consistently training for a year now, doing squats for about six months. I’m currently utilizing a 5x5 program. Last week while I was doing my squats, I noticed a pain about an inch below my knee cap. It was not very significant so I didn’t think much of it; it was sore for about a day after. This week I up’d the weight 10 lbs and went at it again.

Well the pain came back and it was more intense this time. Enough to get my to talk to one of the trainers at my gym. He told me that I have some tendentious in a knot below my knee. I forget exactly what he called it but I believe he referred to it as some sort of a knot that connects muscles from my upper leg to lower leg. I can feel a small bump an inch below my knee (it feels like bone). He told me to ice it and take some advil and not to squat heavy again until it’s all better. I then showed him my squatting form.

He told me my knees were coming too far in front of my toes when I went down and that I need to work on keeping a straight line from my knees to my toes. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could provide any additional insight into this type of injury or ways to correct/prevent this from occurring in the future. For informational purposes, I’m 6’7, 230lbs. Could my height/lack of good flexibility have something to do with it?

Thanks guys.

get Chucks, flat soled sneakers… or squat barefoot, avoid going onto the balls of your feet… From your heels from start to finish and back again. avoid leaning forward so much!


front squats!

** the trainer identified the issue tho, your form needs work.

** do some goblet squats for warmup!

see dan john squat tutorial video!