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Injured in 1st Week of 3rd Cycle

Hello T-Nation!

I am a brand new member, who’s been creeping around the site for a few years, but now I need real help! I am 27 years old, 5’10", 180 pounds, 10-11% body fat (haven’t been checked recently, but maintain that percentage). I started pro hormones/ aas cycles about 4 years ago. I’ve done two injectable cycles. First was just test e at 500mg/wk for 10 wks. with pretty good gains. I am a hard gainer, who started at 165 lbs. The second cycle was last summer, again test-e, but at 700mg/wk, along with 300 nandrolone decanoate. I had access to Nutropin hgh, so i threw that in at 2 iu/day. No gyno with first cycle, but got small lumps during 2nd (i think due to elevated gh levels?) took letro at low doses and it killed me. felt crappy and depressed, planning on running ai in future to be safe. Also, for years have been battling shoulder issues (anterior delt and bicep tendon) and only take aas when my shoulder feels 100%. So… last week i started sust and dbol. 0.5 ml of sust 350 eod, 40 mg od dbol ed and adex at 0.5mg eod… I’m doing sust eod for stable levels and because i wanted to add npp in week 2, which needs to be eod anyway. feeling great until thursday, slight shoulder tweak while training chest, no pain during any workout, and then boom… shoulder pain! I do not want to run a cycle with any lingering injury! i do not want to hope that it’ll feel better in a week and keep pinning! last week i did mon wed fri pin and am supposed to today. I really just want to recover and restart my cycle! i’m really thinking it’ll be much better in a week or two, because this has happened before, and it usually is just a sprain that heals quickly, but want to b safe. sooo… should i stop cycle… let the sust clear my system, wait two more weeks and restart? if so, do i use any serms? or since, i’m already shut down, could i use anavar to kind of bridge into restarting? ( i have var, have ran it before, and shoulder felt great on it! also, i know it is used in some cases for healing). i also, will be getting hcg very soon, due to atrophy last cycle. Basically, i’m very exited about this sust/npp combo, and am so bummed about this! I don’t want to totally mess up my hormones by starting, stopping and starting. Right now, I’m thinking, stop everything for a month (as stated above), and start back up along with hcg. i know time on and pct should equal time off, but i’ve only done a week of shots… Sorry if this is a dumb newb type of question! any help is much aprecciated!!!



lol, thanks bro. jack up that post number! ANYBODY ELSE? I know there’s some guys on here that can drop some knowledge!

if your training is ruining your shoulders, I would say you need more help with your routine than with steroids…

If it has happened before and is usually better in a week, I would just stay on cycle, take a week off training chest and shoulders and train the shit out of your chest and back

Thanks for the input. I dont think my training is ruining my shoulders. It’s barbell bench that just messes me up if i go too heavy. I usually stick with dumbells, for that reason. I want to stay on, but don’t want to have this hinder my cycle.

I guess my question should have been more specific, like, “how should i go about stopping my cycle and then restarting?” I just don’t want to waste gear and feel like im not getting 100% out of my cycle. still debating what to do… my gut feeling is stop and wait a month or so. I’m thinking i’ll get bloodwork in a month to check my test level and then go from there. Again, thanks for input

your form with barbell bench is whats wrong… tall guys sometimes have problems with trying to grip the bar too wide and not tucking the elbows. I too fuck my shoulders if i do the previously mentioned.

because of that on flat barbell i use a smith machine if i’m trying to go very heavy.

ty, you are right… i used to struggle with that a few years ago. you can see it happening everyday in the gym. guys lowering weight to practically their neck with there elbows flared straight out. i think a lot of people learn bad form at a young age and have trouble recognizing it. i also usually always use a smith for heavy barbell.

and i’ve chosen to stop for now, recover and start again in may, with npp and prop (which is what i wanted instead of sust anyway). looking forward to a nice 8 weeker :slight_smile:

i was going to advise you to stop, any little hinderance will be enough to get you out of a grove of running a good plan/cycle.

Another thing to consider also if you stayed on the cycle you would bypass the workouts involving the hurt shoulder but you would still have to move around a lot of weight with your whole body(including shoulders) to do the other exercises for legs back etc, etc, which could very well lead to straining, hurting, or god for bid tearing it up beyond repair.

Good choice for stopping and doing a full recovery. Very wise decision.

It will also have you back in tip top shape to hit the cycle hard when you fire it back up.

Safety is always key in doing a good cycle, workout, diet, well anything actually.

good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery.