Injured - How Much Should I Eat?

Hi, I just had my ACL reconstructed so at the moment I’m limited in what exercise I can do. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a diet I could follow whilst I am limited phyisically - I’m 5’7’', 184lb and my body fat’s around 16%.

When I had my ACL done. I ate High protein/fat and low carbs. I stayed lean and kept my muscle mass even with the decrease in exercize. Also, you need the protien and fat to heal.

What are your goals?

This is really important as for someone like me, if I were to get injured in the off-season I would be more able to overeat to make sure I was getting everything my body needed. However, if its in-season I might be a bit more precise so as not to gain any additional fat.

The other thing I could suggest is some sort of upperbody specialization program. This would be a good time to really work on some of your upper-body movements that can be done on a bench. This should keep your metabolism up there.

If your diet is in order you can look into something like HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19 to help you hold onto your LBM.

I’d like to make it to 190-200lb of decent muscle! But at the moment that feels like it might have to wait until the knee’s done healing.

I am joining a gym here (moved back from my uni town for the vac) as soon as I’m allowed to do upper-body stuff. Which is soon, I hope.

I’ve got sporadic Internet access tonight but I wanted to respond quickly…

The immediate post-surgery (injury)period of about a week or two typically calls for about a 20% boost in PRO/ kcal for healing. Going this high may not be necessary for those who already eat a lot. A multi-vite/mineral isn’t a bad idea either (e.g. vitamin C and zinc for soft tissue repair, etc., etc.)

I like the comment about doing some upper body work after a bit of recovery. Slow negatives (like light dumbell bench press with feet up) aren’t jarring and can boost RMR considerably (soreness) after a few weeks of patience and rest. This matters because of the exercise (kcal expenditure) limitations that have been pointed out.

Alas, I’ll be in the same boat after next week’s ankle surgery. Ugh. If you’d like, I can tell you more about the pseudo-routine I’m planning (via PM).

That’d be great - thanks a lot!

Oh, and I forgot to say, good luck for your surgery too.