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Injured Forearm While DLing

Has anyone here injured his or her forearm while deadlifting? Two days ago I was going for a ME deadlift when my tiny hands just couldn’t hold on the the bar. I set the weight down, waited a few minutes, then I tried again. The weight slipped out of my grip down onto my fingertips, and I had to set it down again. Now, I should have been using straps because I have abnormally small hands; I’m only 5’4" and there are girls in my class shorter than me with longer fingers.

Anyways, yesterday and today I haven’t been able to grip much more than a toothbrush in my left hand, and the pain is pretty intense.

Would allowing the weight to drop to my finger tips be a possible cause of this? Would it be best to let it heal completely before attempting any exercise where a grip is important?