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Injured Forearm and Foot Rehab Approach


I was just finishing starting strength and ended up getting a large bone bruise on the outside of my forearm while skiing. It was confirmed by the doctor both feeling it and then seeing it on the x-ray. She recommended time off of lifting since it was painful to do anything twisting, pushing or pulling. The foot was just pain in my arch but I have had a past sprain in that foot and didn't want to push it so I just added some more time to my break.

I have been off of the weights for 2.5 weeks now. As far as diet, I have cut back my diet to maintenance and stopped doing GOMAD, only drinking a glass or so of 2% milk instead of whole milk a day.

1) Start Bill Starr 5x5, but I'm sure if I do that right now I'd be starting not even close to full strength. I may possibly be risking injury and might struggle through it for a while.

2) Start working on the stuff I was lagging in during SS and doing some accessory for another week or two until my arm and foot are fully healed (would most likely be bench/decline bench, deadlifts, curls, pull ups, maybe abs too). Add in some cardio since I have been bulking for months then start Bill Starr 5x5.

Am I right to think that approach #2 would be the best approach for me to get into 5x5?